Christopher 2016-09-29 20:40:14
The council adopted urban planning ordinances 750, 751, 752, and 756 on September 26th, 2016. Mayor Chris Roberts had this to say: "Monday night, the City Council took a big step in planning for Shoreline’s future. While allowing for greater density around the future 145th light rail station to encourage transit oriented developments, the City has also mandated some of the strongest affordable housing requirements in the region, preserved critical wetland and steep slope areas, promotes walkable communities, and requires green building to help address climate change. Light rail will bring significant change to our area and Shoreline is determined to be a regional leader when it comes to planning for that change." The rezoning was not without its detractors. The Shoreline Preservation Society, in particular, was very vocal in its opposition. Their mission is "To educate Shoreline neighborhoods and disseminate information about impacts proposed changes due to rezones and other city or developer actions. To give residents the tools and opportunities to participate in the public process and provide alternatives as needed in order to preserve the character of our neighborhoods."